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 I tried changing your .glade but it seems you embed mozilla in contents 
of GnomeApp. Anyway, can you point me to where in the code (which file) 
contains the description of contents of your GnomeApp.

 What I have in mind, is using an hpaned to get two resizible portions of 
contents area. Left would hold as starter the bookmarks. Right the actual 

 As for the huge menu issues. This is a gnome problem and not a galeon 
problem. There are no ways in gnome (it seems) to make scrollable menus. 
You know with arrows in case your screen isn't enough. Maybe we should 
forward this to gnome-devel? All gnome menus tend to become ridicilously 
huge when having lots of items and long sentences. I don't have a ready 
solution for that except to offer bookmarks on dockable notebook pages on 
the left side of galeon.

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On 8/24/00, 2:35:08 PM, Ricardo Fernández Pascual <> wrote 
regarding Re: [Galeon-devel] User Interface:

> Hassan Aurag escribió:
> >  However, I have some problems with the UI. For one, the bookmarks menu
> > tends to become too huge when having many bookmarks. So I thought about 
>changing your glade file using Glade of course.
> >
> >  Would you like me to submit my suggestion to this list?
> >
> >  It'd be a .glade file.
> Yes, but the bookmarks menu is not generated by glade. If you
> have so many bookmarks, try grouping them in categories...
> Anyway, if you have any idea on how to improve the bookmarks
> menu, we'd love to hear it.

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