Re: gsu (Was Re: More Political Stuff)

>>>>> "Havoc" == Havoc Pennington <> writes:

    Havoc> You misunderstand. gnome-libs should not link to an suid
    Havoc> application. This means that some approaches to writing gsu
    Havoc> are broken, including the one that was (maybe still is) in
    Havoc> gnome-utils.

Havoc, your original code is still there in cvs, but it's not being
built or anything.  gsu-test.c does it the 'right' way, by calling
gsu-helper. gsu.c should be removed and gsu-test.c renamed to gsu.c
and the makefile updated to reflect this. I didn't do this for my
patch as removing a file pretty much requires cvs access, and I
thought it might be confusing to just start renaming files :).

    Havoc> Havoc

Vince Hodges                             "Beware geeks bearing diffs"

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