Re: Guile and extensibility/plug-ins.

Archit Baweja writes:
> Hey Everyone,
> A few days ago, I asked this question on #gnome. I wanted to know how I could
> incorporate Guile in my app so that other guys can make plugins and extend it
> Something like how gnumeric, emacs, gimp do. My needs are not much. the guys
> on #gnome sent me to "trow", author of guppi in #guppi, but I didn't have tim
> So any pointers to any concerned docs and stuff would be great.

The guile reference manual, which is available as a debian package
and from the guile CVS tree, contains information about how to use
guile from your apps, including some sample source code.

You might also look at the source for a program that uses guile.


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