Re: libpng versioning problems making RPMS incompatible across Linux's

Paul Sheer <> writes:
> is not compatible with
> it seems.
> If I use then my Gnome apps SEGFAULT. If I use
> then my KDE apps segfault.
> Shouldn't version numbering sort out this? Is it a problem
> with libpng versioning? Less'ing the binaries, shows apps
> link with `' only. Shouldn't they link with the full
> version number to avoid this problem?
> This problem effectively makes RPMS incompatible accross
> different Linux's.
> I have come accross this, trying to build a
> distribution incorporating both Gnome helix and
> KDE2.
> Many thanks for your attention to this issue

Doesn't it work fine if you build both GNOME and KDE with the same
libpng? It does sound like the problem is libpng's fault, but
compiling all your stuff with the same libpng should work around it.


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