Re: Some proposed package removals and additions

Matthew Berg <> writes: 
> In other words, I'm worried that Mozilla is another Enlightenment - chosen
> because there is no better alternative, despite it not integrating quite
> right.

There is one crucial difference. Writing a simple window manager is a
task for one person and 6 months or so, on that order. Writing a real
web browser that handles 99% of sites is a task for a huge team and
multiple years. Some people seem to think Mozilla took a long time
just because of XUL and bloated features; these people are on
crack. ;-) Opera and IE also took a huge amount of resources, and
Opera is still broken last I tried it.

We are NOT going to waste our time and resources on a web browser
project. It would be fantastically silly. If the L&F is a big concern,
Mozilla could simply be hacked to use native widgets for forms; that
would be much easier than starting over.

GtkHTML is a lightweight HTML widget, not a browser. It doesn't have
and shouldn't have stuff like JavaScript. If some people are happy
seeing only 85% of the web, then we'll provide the option to use
GtkHTML for browsing also, but if they then complain about not seeing
15% of the web they are being silly and should use Mozilla. There is a
fundamental tradeoff here.


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