Re: Some proposed package removals and additions

Matthew Berg <> writes:

> On 28 Aug 2000, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> > 3) Add Mozilla
> > 
> > Rationale: This will doubtless be controversial. However, Nautilus
> > depends on Mozilla for it's web browing functionality, and we have
> > previously announced that we plan to intergrate Mozilla more. Maybe
> > now is the time. Of course, this is worth discussing with the
> > people to make sure it's OK with them. It is pretty
> > certain we would have to ship a milestone release of some sort. I
> > propose non-critical level for this since we can always tell users to
> > get mozilla separately.
> I vaguely recall reading that Nautilus would be able to use either Mozilla
> or a GtkHTML widget to do web browsing.  If this is the case, I would
> personally prefer that it ship sans Mozilla for reasons of stability and
> size.

The Mozilla component will definitely be shipped as source in the
source tarballs, and we at Eazel will include it in our own binary
packages and encourage others to include it in theirs. We may even
> And, to be honest, I don't like the idea of shipping something standard
> that can't (by design) fit in neatly with the rest of the desktop even
> when its embedded as a component.
> However, I've always thought of the XUL layer to be more of a bug than a
> feature, so maybe I'm a bit biased.

Well, I figures this would be controversial. We did announce at the
GNOME Foundation press conference that we'd be integrating Mozilla
more closely with the desktop. And it's the only industrial-grade web
browser option. Maybe we can ship our version with a suitably
gtk-looking skin (if we decide to ship a version).

 - Maciej

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