Re: Some proposed package removals and additions

On Mon, 28 Aug 2000, Joe Shaw wrote:

> I think that, despite my "" email address, Evolution is
> an absolutely essential component for GNOME 1.4. Sure, when we were
> brainstorming the release cycle a few months ago, the GNOME 1.4
> release was primarily for Nautilus, but now when you look at it, it
> appears that Evolution is going to be ready at about the same time.

You can either work hard at convincing us how Evolution is essential for
GNOME 1.4, or you can work hard at having Evolution done for GNOME 1.4 and
making this argument irrelevant. :)

Should it come down to it, I don't think Evolution is reason enough to
delay GNOME 1.4 - the point of GNOME releases is to make a good desktop
environment available, and while accompanying apps are certainly nice (and
essential to the success of the project as a whole), they are not
essential to a core desktop release like Nautilus is.

If Evolution is ready in time, it would be cool to feature it in the 1.4

-- Elliot
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