Re: Some proposed package removals and additions

> 4) Add Evolution and dependencies
> Rationale: It should be ready at about the right time, and GNOME is
> right now missing a good email application, a critical component of a
> good desktop. Also, many of the dependencies are shared with Nautilus
> anyway. I propose that we add this at non-critical level - we will try
> to arrange the schedule to fit in Evolution, but if it would end up
> delaying the release, we'd be prepared to ship without it.

I think that, despite my "" email address, Evolution is an
absolutely essential component for GNOME 1.4. Sure, when we were
brainstorming the release cycle a few months ago, the GNOME 1.4 release
was primarily for Nautilus, but now when you look at it, it appears that
Evolution is going to be ready at about the same time.

A GNOME 1.4 release with both Nautilus and Evolution will be absolutely
killer, and the benefits in delaying a GNOME 1.4 release if necessary for
Evolution drastically outweigh the negative consequences. Evolution is
more than just a mail client (although it does do that rather well): it's
a full groupware suite, with an addressbook and calendar that are tightly
integrated through bonobo with the shell and mail components. It, along
with Nautilus, represent the next generation of GNOME applications and
truly showcase the benefits of this infrastructure that we have spent so
long developing.


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