Re: Some proposed package removals and additions

Joe Shaw <> writes:

> > 4) Add Evolution and dependencies
> > 
> > Rationale: It should be ready at about the right time, and GNOME is
> > right now missing a good email application, a critical component of a
> > good desktop. Also, many of the dependencies are shared with Nautilus
> > anyway. I propose that we add this at non-critical level - we will try
> > to arrange the schedule to fit in Evolution, but if it would end up
> > delaying the release, we'd be prepared to ship without it.
> I think that, despite my "" email address, Evolution is an
> absolutely essential component for GNOME 1.4. Sure, when we were
> brainstorming the release cycle a few months ago, the GNOME 1.4 release
> was primarily for Nautilus, but now when you look at it, it appears that
> Evolution is going to be ready at about the same time.


If Evolution is indeed ready around the same time (and I certainly
hope and expect it will!) this is a non-issue. We've set the release
schedule to try to make time for both, and I don't think anyone would
be upset by an additional slip on the order of a week or so.

However, in the unlikley circumstances, that Evolution is _not_ ready,
I don't think we should delay. Replacing gmc with Nautilus is a huge
improvement, and Evolution will be an incredible addition, but I don't
think the impact of either will be reduced if they don't happen at the
exactly same time.

That being said, I hope that Evolution will be ready and this doesn't
even come up as an issue.

 - Maciej

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