Re: Some proposed package removals and additions

Elliot Lee <> writes:

> Should it come down to it, I don't think Evolution is reason enough to
> delay GNOME 1.4 - the point of GNOME releases is to make a good desktop
> environment available, and while accompanying apps are certainly nice (and
> essential to the success of the project as a whole), they are not
> essential to a core desktop release like Nautilus is.

I think neither the Evolution nor the Nautilus teams know enough about
the status of each other's projects to make a decision.  Each team is
too busy hacking on their own stuff to pay much attention to the other

And if you look at both projects from a 10,000 meter altitude, they
seem to be about equally buggy, unstable, undocumented, and
unfinished.  It's nothing to worry about; they are just not Done(tm).

Saying "<blah> is more important for GNOME 1.4" is pretty much
pointless, as both projects are pretty much indispensable for 1.4 to
kick ass anyways.


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