Re: Some proposed package removals and additions

Ok guys. Is there any reason why we are crossposting to so many lists?
I'm probably not the only one getting multiple copies of everything. :)

> Elliot Lee <> writes:
> > Should it come down to it, I don't think Evolution is reason enough to
> > delay GNOME 1.4 - the point of GNOME releases is to make a good desktop
> > environment available, and while accompanying apps are certainly nice (and
> > essential to the success of the project as a whole), they are not
> > essential to a core desktop release like Nautilus is.
> I think neither the Evolution nor the Nautilus teams know enough about
> the status of each other's projects to make a decision.  Each team is
> too busy hacking on their own stuff to pay much attention to the other
> one.
> And if you look at both projects from a 10,000 meter altitude, they
> seem to be about equally buggy, unstable, undocumented, and
> unfinished.  It's nothing to worry about; they are just not Done(tm).
> Saying "<blah> is more important for GNOME 1.4" is pretty much
> pointless, as both projects are pretty much indispensable for 1.4 to
> kick ass anyways.
>   Federico
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