Re: key bindings

On Mon, Aug 28, 2000 at 12:19:43PM +0100 or thereabouts, Calum Benson wrote:
> > Gnome has a severe shortage of key bindings in just about every
> > application.
> As a related aside, I believe one of the tasks that Sun are hoping to
> get involved with now we're on board as part of the GNOME Foundation is
> making GNOME accessible to users with disabilities.  In the case of
> those who are unable to use a mouse, this will mean making making
> *everything* accessible in a consistent way from the keyboard...

Oh, wonderful! 

I and a couple of others consistently sit on #gnome bitching about
the lack of keybindings. Federico's "half an hour a day of work which
most hackers find tedious" post _almost_ had me thinking, "Perhaps I
can do that...".

Anyone who knows me will be very glad that I have now decided not
to mess with that :) (Anyone who doesn't know me: it is a dead cert
that I would break things horribly badly.) 

My "I want it, so I want someone to do it" selfishness aside, I do
think that accessibility for people with disabilities is one of those
things where lots of free software apps come off rather badly.

If someone who understands this stuff is going to have a crack at it,
then this is excellent news. There are lots of people out there who 
would be delighted to see this. 


PS: and it will be wonderful for those "oops, the mouse is not the
right place to balance my coffee mug: it appears to have drowned:
now then, how do I save the work, close the windows and then neatly
logout?" moments, if you needed further convincing.

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