Re: Some proposed package removals and additions

* Alan Cox ( wrote at 03:23 on 29/08/00:
> > GtkHTML is a lightweight HTML widget, not a browser. It doesn't have
> > and shouldn't have stuff like JavaScript. If some people are happy
> GtkHtml fits the same need as stuff like Opera. If you want to play in the 
> handheld space then mozilla is going to seriously limit the price range of toys
> you can pick.
> > seeing only 85% of the web, then we'll provide the option to use
> > GtkHTML for browsing also, but if they then complain about not seeing
> > 15% of the web they are being silly and should use Mozilla. There is a
> > fundamental tradeoff here.
> Agreed. Unless gtkhtml is buggier than the kde code its based on 15% is a 
> bad exagerration

Its not really buggier - but the gtkhtml has a few rendering issues. These are
just a FEW I encountered while working on gnome-db2html2 (I mail'd the gtkhtml
crew about this today):

1) Tables do not render correctly in some cases

2) No support for the <sup> HTML tag (superscript)

3) &mdash; and &hellip; entities do not work (they do not render in netscape
either - only in mozilla)


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