Re: Decoupling GNOME Office?

On Wed, 30 Aug 2000, Iain wrote:

> My feelings on a "GNOME-Office" release is would it not be better
> waiting until there is some sort of "interoperability" between the
> applications, and then saying "This is GNOME-Office. Bow before it".
> What we'd be doing now would be "Here's some applications that you can use
> in an office type situation", and then they are all back on their seperate
> release schedules again (Guppi once a year, Gnumeric once (or twice) an
> hour :) which just seems to complicate things ("GNOME Office keeps
> crashing", "What version?" "Oh 1.4, but I upgraded Gnumeric, which
> needed a new Bonobo, which killed Guppi" etc).
> Am I way off track here?
> iain

I don't think you're off track at all.  What we have now are a bunch of
seperate applications, at various levels of maturity, which don't really
have any relation to one another aside from being built on gnome-libs and
being vaguely useful in an office environment.

An important thing to keep in mind is that people can still use these
applications if they're released seperately.  It's not like people won't
realize there's a word processor or spreadsheet available if its not
badged Gnome Office.

Finally, remember the Gnome 1.0 fiasco.  A lot of people are still under
the impression that the Gnome team makes premature releases for
essentially marketing reasons.  And shipping a group of applications that
are not necessarily stable, don't implement at least a minimal level of
functionality and don't integrate would only serve to reinforce this


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