Re: Communication

On Fri, 1 Dec 2000, Florent. Devin wrote:

> I want to know which is the easiest way to connect to program ?
> You have two programs that runs separately, and have to connect there
> I/O. Is there a better way to do this in Gnome/Gtk than doing this by
> IPC ?
> I need to have the easiest way to do this. I mean that I do not want
> eavy code modification.

If you get any good answers please summarize, or at least send me e-mail.
I need this same capability.

I want to layer my application on top of ssh, but I am not sure how to
open a program read/write. Thinking IPC was the only way I have been
trying to unstand how I might accomplish what I need to do in that way.

I know you can do either read, or write with popen, but not both.

Solaris has a command pipe(), that appears to be bi-directional, but it is
not clear to me how to use it from the man page.

Still working on it...


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