listening ports

>I would guess that these open ports have something to do with orbit. This 
>uses tcpwrappers, so mess with /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny if you 
>are afraid. 

  Hmm, but the 2100 ports are ephemeral(sp) and there is no guarantee
that the GNOME applications will be listening on the same ports 
the next time I login. So you can't add hosts.deny rules based on 
a port number and I'm not sure how you would do so by name.



  That may work for gnome-name-server if you added the necessary
entry in /etc/services(or maybe not) but then you would have to 
add something for every panel app, correct?

  I'm about to run to class so I don't have time right now to 
dive into the GNOME docs, but is this kind of thing mentioned
in the ORBit docs anywhere? Somewhere else?

Nathan Valentine - 		AIM: NRVesKY
University of Kentucky Linux Users Group

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