Re: gnome_dialog_set_defaut

> I've got a GnomeDialog which contains 3 entries and a GtkCList. When I
> enter data in the 3 entries and press enter, nothing happens.
> So, my question (or my complaint) is: what is the purpose of
> gnome_dialog_set_default? I was really surprised to see that it didn't
> work as I expected, which is to bind the ENTER key to the default
> button. Right now, it does nothing, it just highlights the default
> button, but nothing else.
> So, is this something to be changed in future versions or am I
> misunderstanding something?

A citation from Havoc's book should explain it (page 128): 

"Editable widgets emit the "activate" signal when Enter is pressed.
Typically users expect Enter to activate the default dialog button, but if
you have an editable widget such as GtkEntry in your dialog, it will
capture any Enter presses, and keep the dialog's buttons from responding
to them. gnome_dialog_editable_enters() activates the dialog's default
button when the GtkEditable is activated, solving the problem."

So, the usage of gnome_dialog_editable_enters() should solve the problem.


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