Re: Modem Lights (Update)

On Thursday, February 03, 2000, Sean Middleditch <> wrote:
> I messed around with the Modem Lights code, and now I have a copy in
> which it not only disconnects at close, but it is now also a
> configurable option! (woohoo)

What do you mean, exactly?  That the Modem Lights applet will take down
your net connection when you shut the applet down?  This would have to
be configurable, and _off_ by default.  I, for one, prefer the behavior
where I can shut down the panel without dropping my net connection.

> Anyways, how do I go about submitting this to the gnome team?

Usually you should send a patch here, unless it's rather long, in which
case you should post a URL to it.  That way, the patch can be reviewed
before it gets committed.



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