>>>>> "Chris" == Chris McKillop <> writes:

Chris> 	I just started using gdm the other week and I found a feature
Chris> I wanted to add to it and figured that this would be the best
Chris> way to "get into" coding for Gnome.  I put my change into gdm
Chris> and I contacted the author to find out who to send a patch to,
Chris> but he seems to not be replying to email. 

Erm. You mailed me yesterday. You can't expect people to reply within
10 minutes all the time. Some of us have day jobs...

Chris> Anyone know who is "in charge" of gdm these days?

I am. 


Chris> Oh, my hack is to get the Face Browser to only show faces of
Chris> those people that have provided thier own face (ie: no default
Chris> faces).  It is really handy if you have a lot of people with
Chris> account but only a few of them actually log in via X.

Yes. I think it's an excellent idea. Send me patches :)

Martin Kasper Petersen			BOFH, IC1&2, Aalborg University, DK

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