Re: Tasklist vs. gnome pager behavior

Havoc Pennington writes:
|> In gnome-pager I was able to click on a non-iconified task and the 
|> window manager would switch to the desktop or viewport where the window 
|> resided and bring it into focus. It looks like tasklist does not support 
|> switching desktops because it does work as long as the task is iconfied 
|> or residing in the same desktop. I am using sawmill if that makes a 
|> difference.
|I got it to do this once but it seems a little buggy with the oldish
|version of sawmill I have (you can add tasks on other desktops to the
|tasklist, look at the properties dialog).

I just had a look at this -- the tasklist applet doesn't seem to send
the required client message requesting the workspace change.

I think there's an option in the gwmh code to modify the _WIN_WORKSPACE
root window property directly, for window managers that don't follow
the gnome-wm spec correctly. Maybe this is getting turned on somehow..?


p.s. to see this for yourself, execute the following code in sawmill.
Switching workspaces via desk-guide will use a client message, the
tasklist doesn't.

(add-hook 'client-message-hook
	  (lambda args
	    (show-message (format nil "client-message: %S" args))

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