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So it is true! I like it when people with ease-of-use experience join 
Linux in general and Gnome in particular. 

I hope them and us good luck!

H. Aurag

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On 2/17/00, 4:41:11 AM, Federico Mena Quintero <> 
wrote regarding Re: Eazel:

> >  I just caught news about a company with ex-apple and aol folks trying 
> >  do a very easy to use GUI (desktop) for Linux users.
> >
> >  What is interesting is that it is supposed to be an extension to 
> >
> >  Anyone has any news about this? Any talks about merging those 
> >  since both are open-source?

> There is no need to merge them, since Eazel is already working on core
> parts of GNOME.  In particular they are writing much of the new file
> manager, called Nautilus.

>   Federico

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