Re: No alpha channel without GnomeCanvasAA ?

Jürgen Weinberger <> writes:
> Could it be that the normal GnomeCanvas doesn't support the alpha
> channel ?

Yes. It uses X to draw, X doesn't have alpha.
> I want to put an GnomeCanvasImage (with gnome_canvas_load_alpha) into a
> normal canvas, this works but instead of an alpha channel it shows a
> black boarder. If i try the same with an GnomeCanvasAA the alpha channel
> works, but then my application gets to slow.

Indeed, this is the current tradeoff. 

> If anybody has an idea how i get an alpha channel into my program
> without using the GnomeCanvasAA !! please HELP !!

You can set a clip mask for your GnomeCanvasImage in normal GDK mode, 
which gives you one-bit alpha.


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