LibGTop 1.1.5 "Sidney" (Developer's Snapshot) has been released

[This is intentionally not on gnome-announce-list and GNotices]


LibGTop 1.1.5 "Sidney" has been released.

This is a developer's snapshot and should not been used by end-users.
However, if you want to help with LibGTop's development or just help me to
find some bugs, feel free to try it out ....

                                   * * *

You can get it from

                                   * * *

Summary of most important changes since 1.1.4:

* The Solaris port compiles again; however, it still doesn't work due to
  some libgcc.a related dynamic linking problems.

* Revised API of `glibtop_netinfo' and `glibtop_netload', can you please
  have a look at this and let me know what you thing ?

* Bug fixes

* [...]

This release was done a bit in a hurry since I wanted to have it ready
for the GUADEC CD so it may be a bit unstable.

If everything works fine, I'll do a more stable 1.1.6 release shortly
before I leave to GUADEC ....

Martin Baulig - -

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