RE: EFS and gnome/kde (was Re: Request: Test suite for EFS.)

> > Could you please tell me when and where this matter was discussed, in case
> > my mail have been eaten by something...
> I thought the thread started in gnome-list.  Did it move to
> gnome-devel-list when I as not looking?  I've been following the thread
> but it was called something else from the current header.  Miguel posted
> the original message about "Request:Test suite for EFS" on gnome-list.
> I think I know what the problem is.  The big discussion around EFS was in
> gnome-list. Only recently it has shown up in gnome-devel-list as EFS and
> gnome/kde.  People in gnome-devel aren't necessary subscribed to
> gnome-list.  Hence the questions.  Nobody's fault.  Just some general
> problem with list communications. :-)

Damn those 'cross-posts' :) I usually associate the gnome-devel-list with 
actual PROGRAMING stuff and gnome-list with "usability" stuff (i.e. the 
non-programming aspects).

Oh well - this is a GOOD reason why people should NOT cross-post accross 
several lists. 

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