Re: Q Change a Gnome Widget

On Thu, Jan 06, 2000 at 05:47:28PM -0500, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Andreas Sliwka <> writes: 
> > Is the some interest for this? Or do you all like those button loaded 
> > calculators?
> > 
> To be honest I'm not sure why we even have a calculator in gnome-libs;
> it seems like an application that has been widget-ized for no good
> reason (it's not used by very many apps, and it doesn't make much
> sense on the GnomeNumberEntry). I'd like to see both calculators end
> up in the widget repository instead of gnome-libs.
Granted. But while using glade and meddling a bit with GnomeNumberEntry
that ugly thing poped up and invaded my desktop (me in melodramatic mode)
and I decided on the spot that this would happen no more to me ...

Nevertheless: Is there some interest for a second calculator widget ?
Or should I cancel this thread in gnone-devel and ask the same question
in gtk-devel ?

> But if we're going to have a calculator (and we do have to, for now)
> it should be a simple user-friendly one.
My feelings exactly. But I still believe that a formular based one is more
intuitive than a normal desktop calculator which makes a mind game of every 
calculation with more than one or two operators ... just typing the
equation (without equal sign :-) and pressing Ctrl-Enter seems _much_ more
userfriendly to me.

Andreas Sliwka   | | ICQ goff:13961062

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