Re: Q Change a Gnome Widget

On Fri, Jan 07, 2000 at 10:31:12AM +0100, Sebastian Jesus Blanes Lopez wrote:
> > To be honest I'm not sure why we even have a calculator in gnome-libs;
> > it seems like an application that has been widget-ized for no good
> > reason (it's not used by very many apps, and it doesn't make much
> > sense on the GnomeNumberEntry). I'd like to see both calculators end
> > up in the widget repository instead of gnome-libs.
> I see certain utility him for financial applications, any
> GnomeNumberEntry can popup a window where to carry out operations to
> fill up the entry. 

I believe that the original idea was that someone was writing a quicken type
thingie and said that this would be a very useful widget.  So I did it.  I
think that quicken type thingie never got realized but the calculator widget
stuck.  So it's whole purpose in life was some sort of "money" entry kind of


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