Re: Q: Change a Gnome Widget

Andreas Sliwka <> writes:
> On Fri, Jan 07, 2000 at 10:39:26AM -0600, Kent Schumacher wrote:
> > In GNOME 1.0 you'd add a setting to gnome-preferences.h; Then 
> > gnome_calculator_new() would have to return a different-behaving widget 
> > based on those settings.
> How would I do this? Please be more specific as I dont know so much about
> gnome-preferences.h ...

Well there's no point doing it, since we can't add new features to
gnome-libs 1.0. If you want to do it locally, look at the many
examples already in gnome-preferences.[ch].

I've thought about it more and I think the "standard" way to have
user-configurable elements like this is to make them Bonobo components
instead of plain widgets. Then the programmer asks for the component
by name and gets whichever one users have chosen.


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