Re: Some general facts about panel and gnome

> This is I think difficult to implement because there are hundrets of ways
> to modify a Document under LINUX/UNIX. It could be done in GMC, but I
> thing noone is modifying dead code. If documents are not opened from
> within GMC, it is required to change every app to notify GNOME about this.
> Dont foorget to modify all the available shells (bash, csh, tcsh, ...).

I don't think it can be expected to know about EVERY file thats been modified,
but expecting GNOME to remember if a GNOME program accessed a file would be
useful. It may be possible to use the gnome-vfs to do something like this, and
so long as a program accesses files through the vfs, it could work.

(apologies if my understanding of gnome-vfs is miles off track :)

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