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> On Wed, 12 Jan 2000, Hassan Aurag wrote:

> >  I know this should go to some gnome-users list or such, but I decided
> > against it in the end! I am talking about the latest october-gnome!
> This really should go to

 Well, I won't forward it now, but will remember it!

> >  Fact 2: The panel as it is right now is either below or above other
> > windows! When above, dialogs can be partially hidden. When below
> > (normal thing by the way) and you use a drawer, the drawer will always
> > be below. This is bad!
> The Window Manager is responsible to avoid this situation.
 Well Enlightenment and Sawmill make drawers appear below unless I 
force the whole panel to be above! I just downloaded latest sawmill 
and tested it!

 In any case, someone has to do something about it!

> >  Fact 3: There should be a device manager for God's sake! Either we do
> > it, or I will go beg kernel developers to make one (as they did with
> > make xconfig), however it will probably be Tcl/Tk and not Gnome! I
> > already suggested that but no one even discussed it!
> I don't see a need for this but yes, one could write such an 
  I will give you an example. First linux install. I can't make modem 
work. Everything is fine. I know it is com3 and all, no way in Hell to 
make it work, don't know what irq it has, look in bazillion outdated 
HOWTO's. A month later, I discover setserial. Hurrah!
  I can do setserial /dev/cua2 and know its current irq, then set it 
to the correct value 5!

  YES YES YES. Well a stupid window with an entry IRQ for each comm 
port could have saved me a month. Many Linux users are Gurus, can 
write their own device drivers, and even their OS. But I can't, and 
more will not be able! So that's why it is needed!

> >  Fact 4: Either tell enlightenment (best window manager in my opinion)
> > folks to be compliant or fork if you wanna keep it as default gnome
> > window manager! Someone with good window manager knowledge should do
> > it! I have yet to see another decent window manager for gnome that is
> > at least not completely ugly! We NEED a default 100% compatible window
> > manager by default. Other are welcome to comply if they wish!
> Have you ever tried sawmill?
> This is IMHO currently the best GNOME-Compliant  window manager.
 Tried it. It's faster than enlightenment, but has less features. Like 
window sliding, special effects, workspace dependant background image. 
But with those things, it can really compete seriously with 
Enlightenment. Good work! I have seen tremendous progress. Oh and I 
forgot the Enlightenment Pager, simply breathtaking with screenshots 
of running apps and all!

> >   Fact 5: I don't know if this redhat's problem or gnome's. It's the
> > file manager! I know you guys are re-writing it from scratch. Anyway,
> > avoid the following problem: I keep setting my zip drive icon in the
> > gmc icon link on my desktop along with other 'disk' icons. Except that
> > cdrom is not there. That's ok with me, but each time I mount a CDROM,
> > all devices are re-scanned and all their icons are reset to default.
> I'm sure this will change with the new file manager.

> >  Fact 6: Gnome is simply beautiful! The prettiest panel, icons out
> > there! Keep it that way.
> That's why we are using it.

>  Cheers, Martin.

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