Re: Some general facts about panel and gnome

On Wed, 12 Jan 2000, Martin Hawlisch wrote:

> This is I think difficult to implement because there are hundrets of ways
> to modify a Document under LINUX/UNIX. It could be done in GMC, but I
> thing noone is modifying dead code. If documents are not opened from
> within GMC, it is required to change every app to notify GNOME about this.
> Dont foorget to modify all the available shells (bash, csh, tcsh, ...).
I've been wondering if someone was considering making file types
application independent and extension independent such as on MacOS,
which means adding metafile information about mime-type, but having the
creator application to set it and not guessing it by the extension. And
then associating the document with the application which created it.

It seems to me that it would enhance the user interface a lot:
- no problem with case depency in file names(.JPG will be equal to .jpg)
- more freedom in file naming
- being able to associate each file to its owner-application instead of
to the chosen mime-type associated application.

If this hasn't been implemented yet or even not considered, I would be
willing to start/enhance a project related to that.


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