Re: An Idea...

On Fri, 14 Jan 2000, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> Ghostscript's imaging model does not include alpha channel
> composition, so this forces people interested in that sort of
> technology to roll their own rasterizers.
> gnome-print addresses that.
> Miguel.

Well. There are things I don't understand anymore since the discussion
Do we still want to keep postscript as the default file format for
printing? Do we want to use postscript for printing or only as a
portable print file format?
If we want to use postscript all the time. Why don't we want to enhance
ghostscript: code too messy? If gs code is too messy, why wouldn't we
want to improve it to suit our needs, considering 10 years work has been
done onto it ?

And finally, is there a page about gnome-print explaining the goals of
the project in details?


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