Re: Some general facts about panel and gnome


Hassan Aurag <> wrote:
>  Then ditch Enlightenment! 
>  That has always been my position.  

Why can't the GNOME project take a windowmanager-agnostic position? Give
people a list of the ones that work and are compliant and then let them
choose rather than specifically recommending one.
>  Even though I still prefer Enlightenment over Sawmill (for Fx reasons),  
> I say ditch them if they are not going to be 100% gnome compatible! 

I don't think that either Raster or Mandrake have said that they don't
intend to remain compliant with the GNOME WM spec - they put quite a bit of
effort into 0.16 to make it KDE compliant too.

Personally, I have no desire to use anything other than Enlightenment unless
the others get a lot better, so I would be fairly annoyed if GNOME 2
demanded sawmill as a dependancy. I would be similarly annoyed if E wasn't
compliant though.

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