Re2: Some general facts about panel ...- Gnome Pager


 I agree Gnome needs a real Pager instead of the present 
tasklist-deskguide-gnome panel

 Here is a suggestion. Btw, I could write the frameboxes (in python) 
if someone wants to write the screen-shooting part. So I hope we are 
not just talking vaporware.

 The Gnome Pager applet:

	-Two parts: one left-side and one right-side.

	-The left side is a scrollable GnomeCanvas with a screen-shot of all 
desktops with their running apps:
		-GnomeCanvas because it has graphics and picture in it.
		-Scrollable to avoid huge pagers.
		-Horizontal and vertical scrolling. Easy with

	-The right side: an E-like icon-box
		-Again a horizontally scrollable one row, multi-
		columns GtkTable, with each slot containing one icon for
		each minimized app.

	-A small arrow-headed button like in present gnome-pager to allow
	 you to jump to different desktops.

 Now, who can write this thing?

 H. Aurag


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