Help with GnomeMDI/GtkPlug, GtkSocket


 I am working with pygnome 1.0.50

 Now, for a long time, I have been trying to work with MDI without 

 For example, what's wrong with the following:

from gtk import GtkCurve, mainloop
from gnome.ui import GnomeMDIGenericChild, GnomeMDI
from _gnomeui import gnome_mdi_generic_child_set_view_creator

mdi = GnomeMDI('some-app', 'Title')

def my_create_view(child, whatever=None):
    return GtkHBox()   # not a toplevel widget
child = GnomeMDIGenericChild('some-name')

##Without the child._o it complains that it needs a gtkobject and not 
##instance. With the object it segfaults

gnome_mdi_generic_child_set_view_creator(child._o,my_create_view, 1)

# create a view for the child:



 So can someone out there please write a simple and useless:


child=GnomeMDIChild or GenericChild 

with just one empty GtkHBox in it or any other widget that works.

By working, I mean:

a file that works with python

I am really despairing here.

Also, for the GtkPlug and Socket part.

I just read (in Havoc's book) one can't really make multiple 

That was after I unsuccessfully tried to create a:
class Session(GnomeApp, GtkPlug):
	def __init__(self, title and stuff):
	GnomeApp.__init__(self, ....)


Well actually it never crashed, but I discovered it won't work with 
GtkSocket in another window.

Anyway, I'd really also like a stupid example of the pairing, how to 
make them work!????

Thank you

H. Aurag

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