Re2: [pygtk] Help with GnomeMDI/GtkPlug, GtkSocket

 Anyone care to make an src-rpm of the patched pygtk, pygnome package?

 In case no one is interested, May I?

 Many thanks to ChiDeok for answering me so quickly.

 Finally, I'd like to ask a small question.

 While despairing of GnomeMDI, I tried GtkSocket with GnomeApps and it 
works very nicely.

 I mean I can steal(top_level_windows). Actually, this is what I 
always wanted to do. Now, as I understand it, you cannot have MDIChild 
as a GnomeApp. Am I right? And in this case, can't someone modify this 
behavior using the same technique used by GtkSocket?

 All I want from MDI is the ability for the user to have a notebook 
page, or a top-level window. Give them the power in other words. But 
other than that, all I want is really to steal other top-level 

 If this is really impossible, then I will try to do it myself (good 
luck to me).

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