Re: Re2: [pygtk] Help with GnomeMDI/GtkPlug, GtkSocket

 I am re-implementing MDI in a way I like, using GtkSocket.

 It works for now, and will probably be much easier to use than MDI.

 Wait a couple of month for this to happen fully, but it will be 
written in python.

 Why swallow a whole app?

 The answer is simply because in my case, I am offering users GUI's 
for different mathematical tools out there. So each GUI is written 
separatly, either to use as a separate gnome-app or swallowed in a big 
GtkNotebook environment.

 MDI is supposed to do that, but it really is too general for my 
taste, and too hard to use in anything usefull. You have to track 
menus, toolbars, config files, view creators......
 This is a big fat waste of time, when all most want in all cases is a 
real gnome-app if the window is top-level or embed gnome-app menus in 
the central window's one!

 This can be easily done by a switch thing:

 if I am in notebook, remove menu from gnomeapp, and put it in parent 

 If I am top-level leave it as is!

 Shouldn't this be automatic?

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On 1/18/00, 11:09:30 AM, Jaka Mocnik <> wrote 
regarding Re: Re2: [pygtk] Help with GnomeMDI/GtkPlug, GtkSocket:

> Hassan Aurag wrote:
> >  I mean I can steal(top_level_windows). Actually, this is what I
> > always wanted to do. Now, as I understand it, you cannot have MDIChild
> > as a GnomeApp. Am I right? And in this case, can't someone modify this
> > behavior using the same technique used by GtkSocket?
> >
> >  All I want from MDI is the ability for the user to have a notebook
> > page, or a top-level window. Give them the power in other words. But
> > other than that, all I want is really to steal other top-level
> > windows.
> well, top-level window can have a single widget as its only child: the
> idea behind MDI is to use this widget as a view of your corresponding
> MDI child class: this can now reside in a notebook page or in a
> gnome-app - you can customize the gnome-app as much as you please
> through MDI signal handlers. you can also use the GnomeMDIGenericChild
> class in order not to have to implement a new class for each child 
> although this is just running away from good OO programming practices.

> if you really want to store a whole gnome-app (which I find gross, 
> GnomeApp is supposed to be a toplevel container), make the view a
> GtkSocket that swallows the corresponding app.

> >  If this is really impossible, then I will try to do it myself (good
> > luck to me).
> it is not (see above), but if you are unhappy with the MDI, it might
> provide a nice codebase for your attempt.

> regards,
>       jaKa

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