Re: Some general facts about panel and gnome

>I think this could be done by checking each time the list is
>displayed that every file listed is still there.

That would be a nice touch - it annoys me when programs have items on their
"recently modified" menu which don't exist any more. Does the
gnome-recently-used service in cvs check this? (Sorry to ask, but I don't 
have the bandwidth to download the cvs version myself.) I suppose there could
be a problem with checking files on automounted filesystems - you might 
have to wait for a CD or NFS volume to be mounted before the menu could be 
displayed. Is there any way for the program to check whether a file is on an
automounted filesystem before trying to find it? (Look in /etc/fstab or
something?) Then you could leave such files out of the list, or shade them or
something to indicate that they might not exist anymore. Sorry if this has 
all been thought of, solved, and coded.  :)


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