Re: gnome issues with Tru64

On Sat, Jan 29, 2000 at 09:03:48AM -0500, Aron Griffis wrote:
> Wow, thanks for your quick attention to these matters.  I would pull
> the sources from CVS and give it a try, but I'm behind a firewall and
> haven't found a way to do it from here.

There should be a 1.1.2 release this weekend so try that.

> There are still a number of issues to be resolved (some of which I
> haven't reported yet), but I'm looking forward to when I can download
> GNOME and just do ./configure; make; make install.  One of the most
> annoying issues, unfortunately, is the fact that libtool is broken on
> this platform.  I've sent simple patches to the libtool mailing list,
> but they seem to be extremely slow in releasing versions.  :-(

Yes, send a mail again to gnome-devel with your report on the 1.1.2 when it
comes out.  We're very interested in it working correctly on other platforms,
and hopefully by 1.2, you'll be able to ./configure; make; make install :)


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