Re: gnome-libs man pages.

> Wolfgang Sourdeau <> writes:

> > psgml is one of the best whatever-ML editor for Emacs I've seen so far

My impression as well.  Karl initiated me to PSGML, many years ago, and it
became a very mandatory tool for all SGML works I did and do, HTML included.

> > (don't know about xxml.el though).

[Karl Eichwalder]

> Of course, you're right.  Sorry, I forgot to mention xxml.el is an
> add-on for psgml (better indentation, tag coloring is more customizable).
> xxml.el isn't released officially; but François already confessed that
> it works for him -- and I also see its merits (worksforme, too).

I'm not Internet-connected as I write, but I guess that one could get my work
version of `xxml.el' as one of:

(depending on symbolic links to be properly set).  If you like to click,
use my `.signature' below to get on my little site, choose `FP etc' on
the left, and proceed from there.  I also have a related Babyl file that
I just put back in the same directory, and which I'll likely synchronise
later today to `www.iro'.

`xxml.el' relies on the PSGML API.  For `xxml.el', colouring is acceptable
as is, indentation is very acceptable, but refilling needs more work, yet
in many cases, it does what I want.  I think `xxml.el' is simple to use.
Comments are welcome, of course.

François Pinard

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