Re: gnome-libs man pages.

Ian McKellar <> writes:

> I hear Emacs is a really good SGML editor too, but it isn't WYSIWYG.

!@#$ - why do you think a "good" SGML editor has to be WYSIWYG?  It
is possible to teach Emacs to display "tags" in pretty appealing manner:
proof of concept was done by François Pinard (xxml.el).

> SGML can be converted to HTML on the fly. Also its impossible to
> search HTML intelligently.

Why do you think it's impossible to search HTML intelligently?  Of
course, accessing Info files locally is fast and comfortable for users
like you and me -- but it is possible to implement searching
SGML/XML/HTML documents (on the server or the client).  Yes, even HTML
documents -- just add usefull CLASS attributes!

> I really want a Free Software solution to this problem too - probably
> based around XML and XSL.

My dear...  XSL(T) -- the worst "language" ever seen ;) Hype, hype,
hype.  I've the impression that it's hard to maintain an XSL(T) program
-- don't forget TCO ("total cost of ownership"?).  While DSSSL is
defined by ISO, XSL is a "Recommendation" by W3C.  Reading c.t.xml or
the XSL mailinglist, you'll quickly see that all half finished
implementations (mostly JAVA based) are incompatible.

After some reading the last month I'm sure it's stil worth to learn
DSSSL (or to use nice python hacks; Pyxie?).  XSL(T) is insane ;)

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