Re: gnome-libs man pages.

Telsa Gwynne <> writes:

Thanks for your encouraging words -- there isn't that much to add :)

> If you're an EMACS user, half of this is addressed by the PSGML mode,
> which will give you a choice of what tags are permissible at different
> stages in the doc. It's tempting me to learn the editor just to use
> the mode :)

Yes, just do it!  In combination with macro templates (e.g., tempo.el)
it's not to beat.  It isn't hard to make the macros available via Eamcs'
menubar (for mouse users if wanted) and/or via short cuts.

What's missing is ID management; Matthias Clasen started to work on this
feature.  These days, Matthias is quite busy (family!) and I don't know
whether his university address is still valid...

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     :             |         ------   _-\_<,
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