please participate in GNOME Foundation discussions


Some people have said things such as "most people don't want a
foundation" or "some maintainers are reluctant to put their names on
the membership list because of <blank>". However, on foundation-list
we have not had people expressing viewpoints like that; almost
everyone who's spoken on the list is in favor of the foundation and we
seem to have a general consensus on its structure and what it will be

If you have concerns about the nature of the foundation, or its
existence, then please bring them up on foundation-list. We can then
get an idea how much consensus we have or don't have, and we can also
adjust the mission and bylaws of the foundation. 

If you don't participate in the discussion and consensus-building
process, then you whine later about the consensus that was reached,
you are basically a loser and, speaking for myself only, I plan to
flame you at the time that you whine. ;-)

Seriously, there is no way to get a consensus unless everyone
participates. So, though we've sent this mail before (this will be the
third time to gnome-hackers), please subscribe to the list:

And check out the archives to see what's come up so far.

We had *zero* criticisms on the last attempt to summarize our current
consensus, so, it looks like consensus is being reached; if you don't
agree, then get on the list and say so.

FWIW, I do agree with the direction things are going, but people have
questioned whether we have a consensus, and I think it's important to
know if we do. Your participation (advocating either side of the
issue) is essential for that.

If nothing else, more input from smart people means better results.



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