please participate in GNOME Foundation discussions

 > If you have concerns about the nature of the foundation, or its
 > existence, then please bring them up on foundation-list. We can then
 > get an idea how much consensus we have or don't have, and we can also
 > adjust the mission and bylaws of the foundation. 

hi havoc,

    i have been on the list ever since i was told of its creation. on
most lists, i tend to do a lot of reading using the "d" key, but this
one i've paid much more attention to. however, despite the attention
i've paid, i still have a difficult time keeping up with the

   this is why i am weary of the foundation - i don't know *exactly*
what has transpired, i have just seen a lot of debate (not flames,
just a lot of a vs. b, and i don't know which was decided). i think it 
would be very helpful if someone could write a very detailed report of 
what exactly is being decided, such as the exact text of any bylaws,
incorporation status, goals of the foundation, potential members, etc.

i need more information, and i need it aggregated.


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