selecting item in GtkCombo/GnomeEntry

Hi there,

	I was wondering what the proper way is to find out when a user
selects an item from a GtkCombo (or a GnomeEntry, or a GnomeFileEntry,

	Everything I've seen implies grabbing the "changed" signal of the
embedded GtkEntry, but that's somewhat problematic for me because the entry
is editable and "changed" is emitted every time a character is typed.

	This is for an on-the-fly URL entry.  If the text in the entry is
changed by typing, I want to know about it (for autocompletion, if
activated), but I only load the url after the user hits enter.  If the url
is selected from the list, I want to load it immediately, without waiting
for the user to hit enter (if I'm picking a URL from a list with the mouse;
I'd like to not have to use the keyboard to finish the move ;-).

	While I'm at it, is there any [proper] way to get the list of items
in a GnomeEntry or GnomeFileEntry list?  I'd like to use the list directly
for autocompletion, rather than try to keep another list in sync with it.

- Bibek

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