Re: Gnome text subsystems

On 31 May 2000, Alan Shutko wrote:

: Alan Shutko <> writes:
: > Petr Tomasek <> writes:
: > 
: > > Well, I see one problem: TeX doesn't support stretching characters when
: > > justifiyng paragraphs/lines.
: > 
: > I believe the HZ algorighm (which I think does what you're talking
: > about) was implemented in pdftex, so one could check there.
: I just happened to find some more information about this... check out
:  Thanh's thesis will be finished
: soon, so it's probably a good resource.

Well, I'm not sure whether I understand it well, but it seems to me, that
th HZ algorithm just stertches _all_ glyphs in the same ratio (on the same
line of course). What I was thinking of is a) having certain characters
various glyphs (with varying size) or b) beeing able to specify glyphs,
that may be stretched (e.g. old hebrew has 5 letters, that may be
strechted even with ratio 1:4 or similar :) 

Petr Tomasek,

Národ je od toho, abychom se měli za co stydět.

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