Re: Gnome text subsystems

Miguel de Icaza <> writes:

>    I know Owen wants us to use X fonts, but I honestly think that the
> sooner we can ignore the existance of X fonts, the better.  And if we
> can fully ignore them, all the better.

That's what they thought when they ported WP to Unix the first time.
They were wrong.

Yes, X's font model is pathetic and definately not up to the task.
But the solution isn't for every app to ignore it in a different way.
We should _fix_ it.

>    Because we wont be able to do any kind of WYSIWYG with X fonts, and
> hoping that we will do a good enough job at matching this font for
> printing. 

If we can get a font server that can serve up outlines as well as work
as an X font server, you can have both.  And if working with the guy
who's working on fixes to the rendering system in X, we could have a
working font model for X, and people using different apps from
different vendors won't have to install the same font ten different
times.  Trust me, it gets old very fast.

Alan Shutko <> - In a variety of flavors!
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