Gnome 1.2 looks

I am not sure if this has been discussed someplace else and I am missing
it, or if it never came up and I am the only person who noticed it, but I
thought I would ask.  If it has been discussed elsewhere, I would happily
accept a pointer in the correct direction

Anyway, I (and a few other people judging from various posts on various
web pages) liked the Gnome 1.0 panel applet looks better than the newer
ones.  I liked the always-visible buttons on the QuickLaunch applet better
than the mouse-over pseudobuttons, I liked the sunken look of the
tasklist, and I liked the diagonal stripes on the deskguide better than
the hashed look, among other things.  Maybe I am just missing some
configuration setting someplace, but I see noplace that lets me make thos
applets act that way again.  Is there some deep reason I am missing about
why they look as they now do?  Or is ther some way an option can be added
in the future to make then look like they used to?

Cory Lueninghoener

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