Announce MuLi (Multipliciter Lingua) 0.4

What is MuLi
MuLi is a program based on Gnome, that helps you to
internationalize an localize programs.

What's new in MuLi 0.4
The use is much more productive
-Now you can write the translations as plain text.
 there is no more nead to write all the '"' and 'n'
-Comments are now complete handled, and can be changed on
-All Userpreferences are handled by the session management
-The filedialogs fit now the needs of the user, not that of
 the programer ;)

-some memleaks and bugs fixed

Take a look at some screenshots at:

You can load down the sources from:

To compile you nead the gtkextext widget of Mikael

You can visit the gtkextex site at

and load downm the package from:

The special thanks for this release go to
Karl Eichwalder, how helped with his good suggestions to
make MuLi much more user friendly!

Let's make GNOME speak all the languages of the world!
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