Adding calc applet to gnome

Hey all,
  A friend of mine has finished a really neat calculator applet for gnome, and
I suggested adding it to the gnome project, who would be best to send the code
to ?
  I appologise if this is the wrong list.  
  I am also planning to do major bug fixing in gnomeicu deciding enough is
enough :)  Who do I contact for that?  Or where do I ask?
  I'm also thinking of modifying the mail checking applet to show the from and
subject headers of incomming emails - since this may be viewed as bloating it
kinda, is the polite thing to branch it or what?  Again who / where do I
contact on that?
  One more short question to go :)

  In gnomeicq, and kmail and other programs, when it is downloading a file /
mail, the whole program runs really slowly, someone said it was to do with
incomming packets causing it to refresh so that child window got all of the cpu
time.  Now, where is this bug located?  with the app itself?  or in x?  In ms
windows i've never seen this problem, how is it different there?

   --  "There was a boy called
Eustace Clarence Scrubb, and he almost deserved it." 		-- C. S. Lewis,
The Chronicles of Narnia

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