Re: NumLock and Windows key

Dan Winship wrote:

> > So I would assume that X recognises the numberlock key and uses it
> > for magic things and cares about whether it's on or off.
> Nope. Well, yes, but that occurs at an entirely different level of the
> X server.
> The problem with the Windows key binding is just that "Num Lock" is a
> modifier, so "Num Lock + Windows" is a different key from "Windows" in
> the same way that "Meta + Windows" or "Shift + Windows" (or "Caps Lock
> + Windows") is. Yes, this sucks.
> One easy way to fix the problem would be to make whatever it is that
> does the Windows key menu thing bind to Windows, Num Lock Windows,
> Caps Lock Windows, and Num Lock Caps Lock Windows.

All I know is the little option in the global panel configuration... ^,^
I normally wouldn't care, but I tend to switch NumLock on and off a lot
for various programs.
Is there no way in X to filter out the modifier keys and just get the
base key?  Even then, though, it probably wouldn't be a good idea, as
someone may want the menu to only activate at shift+key or something...
This is an interesting problem.  There must be some intelligent solution
though.  For example, alt-tab switches thru my window in Sawfish with or
without NumLock.  Of course, knowing my luck, the person that designed
the X keyboard protocols probably made the Windows (heck, it's called
Meta in X, I'll just use that name instead) key work with NumLock
differently than tab... but if so, is this a configuration with the
keymap or built into the server?  It's weird things like this that make
me wish we could just redesign the whole X thing from the ground up...

Sean Etc.

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